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1 on 1 Beauty Business Consultation

1 on 1 Beauty Business Consultation

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60 min Consultation!

Lets get to know each other to make sure this will be a good fit.

Coaching is imperative to Growing Your Beauty Career and/or Business.

This will be a 60 minute call with Ana Fraser about what phase you are in of your Beauty Career and/or Business. You need a plan that you can execute daily for more clients behind the chair and/or make more sales beyond the chair. Sometimes we spend too much time doing the wrong thing in our career and business, that keeps us broke and trying to survive.

This is for any beauty professional making $5K or Less, and ready to double their income. If you have made any money from $0-$5k, you can definitely get to $10K and more. It will require you to think differently, to position yourself to work less.




You Will Be Emailed Your Order Within 2-48 Hours after verification.

1 on 1 Consultations with Ana are in demand. Due to high volume, and to reduce fraud please follow the directions below. The sooner you submit your verification, the sooner you’ll receive your order. 

  1. Order with the BILLING ADDRESS of the debit or credit card being used.
  2. Your Order MUST BE VERIFIED before you receive it.
  3. Make sure your full name, contact number, email address, and billing address is correct. We may need to communicate with you to assist and offer customer support through you journey if anything was entered incorrectly.
  4. Once verified, your order will be processed. You'll receive an email with a booking link for you to choose the best time that works for your schedule.
  5. You Will Be Provided With The Digital Download Link To Your Product(s) once verification is complete and your order is processed.
  6. If you do not book your appointment within 48 hours of receiving your booking link, Ana or her team will reach out to you to inquire and/or assist with scheduling your appointment.

  7. Ana Fraser looks forward to speaking with you!


Payment Plan Options: For any customer who needs this option, please make sure you are eligible for it. As of right now we offer SHOP. We are working on adding other payment plan options. Thank you for your support and patience.


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