12 Income Opportunies For Beauty Pros

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Let me get straight to the point. Any Beauty Professional has various opportunities to diversify their income streams beyond working in a traditional salon and spa setting. When you decide to combine multiple avenues, you will provide stability yourself. You’ve been lied to if you think there is a limit to what you can do, and how much money you can generate.

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Maximize your hair business behind & beyond the chair

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I'm Ana Fraser, and have made 6 Figures as a Hair Extensions Specialist in less than a year. I went from being a minimum wage hairstyling assistant and blowout stylist to a self employed Extensionist. Instead of building a salon team and owning multiple salons, I had another calling to become an educator. I have a passion for helping hairstylists reach their full capabilities.

I have discovered a simple "4-Step Behind The Chair Strategy" & "Beyond The Chair Blueprint" that's duplicable. This is how you'll create better active and passive income streams.

I can't wait to help you grow quickly!


The Art of Hair and Business - Transforming from Hairstylist to a 6 Figure Hair Business Owner


Join hundreds of hairstylists who have transformed their lives and businesses with our step-by-step detailed eBook. Designed exclusively for ambitious hairstyling professionals like you, this comprehensive ebook will empower you to:

🚀 Boost Your Skills: Master the art of hair extensions and stay ahead of the competition.

💰 Multiply Your Income: Discover proven strategies to attract more clients and charge premium rates.

📚 Learn the Business: Unlock the secrets to building a thriving hair business, from marketing to salon management.

🌟 Be Your Own Boss: Say goodbye to working for someone else and step into your dream of owning a successful salon.


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Are You Starting Your Hair Extensions Business, or Do You Already Have One?

Our vendor list consists of the hair manufacturers we personally use to be successful.

Here's a Hair Business Shortcut to our reputable and reliable suppliers of Raw Hair Extensions, Russian Hair Extensions, and Hair Pro Tools that made us 6 Figures our 1st Year! Years later we are still building strong relationships with these manufacturers.