Top Tier Ai Tools for Hair Businesses

Top Tier Ai Tools for Hair Businesses

Hello Independent Hair Business Owners. Thank you for dropping by to view this list of Ai Tools to give you your time back as you market your business. What used to take days, weeks, and months to create can be done in minutes. What budgets were allocated towards outsourcing to companies, can now be saved and used in other areas of your Hair Business. Below are some Ai Tools we utilize at Fancy I Know that you can too!


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What is an Ai Tool?

A software application that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to perform specific tasks and solve problems. It can be used to automate tasks, analyze data, and improve decision-making.


Ai Tools Listed Below


  • use on desktop or website browser for free 
  • Download apple app for 3 day $7.99
  • download apple app for lifetime access $69.99


  • Competitor to ChatGPT
  • app is free 

Canva Deisgn Pro

  • added Ai features to make designing quicker and can also bulk create images, videos, and much more

Shopify e-commerce website builder 

  • added feature generator text for product descriptions

WooSender Ai

  • An Ai Assistant that will book your appointments and follow up with your clients
  • Do you already have leads or know how to generate leads for your business?
  • The system helps you fill up your Books with appointments by converting your leads


  • An AI-powered video creation tool that enables anyone to easily create education, marketing, or business video content using a simple drag-and-drop interface.


  • This is a tool that makes it easy to brand your business by using AI to create unique and distinctive logos that convey your company style and messaging. This tool makes it a doddle to start creating customized marketing material even if you don’t have any design skills.


  • An audio recording and editing platform with integrated AI tools that helps you create clear, super-smooth recordings that sound as if they’ve been edited professionally, automating tasks like cleaning up messy sounds and creating transcripts.

Legal Robot

  • This tool is designed to automatically translate complex and confusing “legalese” into straightforward language that can be understood by anyone. Useful both for laypeople wanting to make sure they understand legal documents and for legal professionals to ensure that their contracts and documents are written in terms that anyone can understand.

  • This AI tool lets you retouch images by removing unwanted objects, defects, or even people, using a process known as “inpainting” to help you create the perfect image.


  • Create your course now in minutes with new free AI tools
  • Build your business the easy that can structure your course outlines, create lessons content, and build marketing campaigns with lead page copy, sales email copy, social video script, and social media con
  • so you can be up and selling in no time.

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