Raw Burmese Curly I-Tip Extensions

Raw Burmese Curly I-Tip Extensions

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Our Raw Burmese Curly I-Tip Extensions are sourced directly from Myanmar and are designed for a long-lasting, natural look. Each strand is carefully selected to provide a product of the highest quality, perfect for achieving a natural and voluminous style.

We recommend for Full Head I-Tip Extension Installs, 150-200 i-tips are typically needed.  

Our raw manufacturing factory packages per 100 grams NOT the amount of i-tips per package. There is a misconception that 1 i-tip = 1 gram. Thats not necessarily true especially when you factor in weight.

16"-20": recommended 2 packs

24"-28": recommended 3 packs

30"-32": recommended 4 packs



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