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To a Fancy I Know Lifestyle


To a Fancy I Know Lifestyle

Professional Hairstylist Tools

I've always wanted to be the best at whatever I do. When I decided to become a hairstylist, I wanted to master my craft. I quickly realized having the best tools is also a part of working smarter not harder. Now specializing in hair extensions, and much more... I wanted to share the tools I use to be successful. I was frustrated with the lack of education and supplies for trending hair extensions. Below you can find tools and supplies for microlinks and i-tips.

One on one classes are now available. Virtual courses coming soon.



Microlink Hook



Microbeads with silicone (9 colors) (4 sizes)

Microbead Tubes with silicone (8 colors) (1 size)

Straight End Copper Beads (8 colors) (3 sizes)

Flat Copper Beads (8 colors) (4 sizes)

Microlink Pliers (2 options)

I-tip Pliers 

I-tip Hook

Hair Extension Stand