I truly believe inspired women change the narrative. As I’m sitting here creatively thinking… I too am inspired. So inspired that I finally started this blog today lol. Back in September I was inspired to start the podcast part of the blog The Fancy Code. All episodes are available on Spotify.


But enough about that, I really want to have a conversation with my Fancy women. It’s essentially the end of the year. I was thinking to myself, what did you accomplish this year from what didn’t you accomplish this year? Surprisingly, I found myself somewhere in the middle of accomplishing about half of what I wanted to do. What kept me from getting everything done? Honestly, distractions.


Freaking distractions once again got in the way. My distractions I recently realized are attached to most of my bad habits. All year I’ve been trying to work on my bad habits, to replace them with better ones. The problem that I didn’t have the solution to at the time was, most are attached to my distractions. When the lightbulb went off in my head, I felt stupid. I’ve heard this before! So I took a step back and started looking at my distractions first before the bad habits. I asked myself is this a distraction…yes or no, and if the answer is yes, what bad habits are attached.


One by one I’m identifying all of my distractions, taking the time to understand why I allow it. I also list all the bad habits attached. I work on making a commitment to myself to starve the distractions, because they ultimately can help kill the bad habit.


Meditating for the last few months is how Ive been able to be more open and honest with myself. It has been lifechanging. I feel like now I can change the narrative for my life. When ever my anxiety and stress kicks in, I can meditate and pray about it. I finally feel like I finding positive coping mechanisms that work, you just have to be open to it. I get more done because I’m focused more than distracted.


I’m changing as a person, which changes my narrative. Family and friends have also notice my narrative changing. Some are excited, while others no so much. That too is okay. Seeking no validation from people is one of the most freeing experiences. I’m new to it, but embrace it 100%. 


Since this is my first post, I want to start leaving resources of content that I am currently using to feed my mind, help me in business, help me with my health and help me keep my energy as pure and positive as possible. I do believe we should engage in content daily that helps us grow and thrive. Below are my resources for today. It’ll be various types of content.




Maat (Guiding Principles of Moral Living) pg 253-267

Fearless Beauty by Mikey Moran pg 17-44


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