Hairstylists Transitioning to Becoming Independent FAQs

Question: I recently moved into a suite and no longer work in a salon. The my took my social media content off of the pinned posts, but have the rest of my content on their page. Should i message them to take it down? They did me so dirty and i feel like i should punch back 

1. Get a copy of all your content and repost it to your page if you don’t already have it saved.
2. You can ask for them to please remove your content within 24-48 hours. If they don’t you could go on those posts and comment you no longer work there and tag your personal page. Be professional with the post comment.
3. Unfollow and block every person on that team to keep them off your new page.
4. Move on, there’s no need to argue, this is business not personal

There’s no need to get anyone to fight your battles for you. You got this.


 VENTING: I have a wealthy client that just asked if I can give her a cheaper haircut price if she comes in every four weeks. Why are the ones with the most money the cheapest? I told her that I can’t pay my bills. If I give everyone discounts, I can’t give her a discount and not everyone else. #RespectMyProfession. 

Response: This response to a client is unprofessional and not necessary. As hairstylist, i sometimes feel we forget what customer service is. Some of us lack that experience, but nonetheless this is a teachable moment. 

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