Hair Extensions Services Consent and Waiver Form

Hair Extensions Services Consent and Waiver Form

Client Name: ________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________

I, the undersigned client, hereby consent to and acknowledge the following terms and conditions related to the hair extensions services provided by Fancy I Know:

  1. Description of Services: I understand that the hair extensions services involve the application of hair extensions to my natural hair. This may include methods such as tape-in extensions, fusion extensions, micro-link extensions, or other approved techniques.

  2. Consultation: I have undergone a thorough consultation with a stylist from Fancy I Know to discuss the desired hair extensions, including type, length, color, and method of application. I have provided accurate information about my hair history, previous treatments, allergies, and any other relevant medical conditions.

  3. Risks and Maintenance: I acknowledge that hair extensions involve potential risks and require proper maintenance. These risks may include hair breakage, hair loss, scalp irritation, allergic reactions to adhesive materials, discomfort, and potential damage to natural hair if not cared for properly. I understand that the longevity of the extensions is influenced by factors such as maintenance, hair quality, and lifestyle.

  4. Informed Decision: I have been provided with sufficient information to make an informed decision about undergoing the requested hair extensions services. I understand the potential risks, maintenance requirements, and limitations associated with hair extensions.

  5. Care and Maintenance: I agree to follow the provided instructions and recommendations for the care and maintenance of the hair extensions. This includes avoiding excessive heat styling, using approved hair care products, regular brushing and detangling, and scheduling maintenance appointments as required.

  6. Waiver of Liability: In consideration for the services provided by Fancy I Know, I hereby release, waive, and discharge Fancy I Know, its employees, agents, and contractors from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, or causes of action arising out of or related to the hair extensions services, including any damages, injuries, or losses that may occur as a result thereof.

  7. Removal and Maintenance: I understand that proper removal of the hair extensions is crucial to avoid damage to my natural hair. I agree to have the hair extensions professionally removed by Fancy I Know or a trained stylist to ensure the safety and integrity of my natural hair.

  8. Confidentiality: I consent to Fancy I Know retaining records of the hair extensions services provided, including my personal information, treatment details, and any relevant notes. I understand that all records will be kept confidential and will only be shared with authorized personnel or as required by law.

I have read and understood the above information, and I willingly consent to the hair extensions services provided by Fancy I Know.

Client's Signature: _______________________________

Date: ___________________________________________

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