2023 Updated Policies for Services and Products

2023 Updated Policies for Services and Products

Please read before booking and or purchasing services or products from

Fancy I Know


Service and product updates for 2023


Thank you so much for the continuous support as the business grows.


New and updated in-person and online services, products, training, and courses have been added to the business.


Currently All services, products, training, and courses have a price increase for the expertise, quality, sustainability, and growth of the business.


Please make sure you book any service consultations to know additional information and your quote prior to receiving hairstyling or hair business services.


All services and or products includes a service and or product tax.


All services will require a 50% deposit. Your deposit invoice will be emailed and or texted to you prior to the service. Services will not start without deposits paid before the day of your service. You cannot wait until the day of your service to pay your deposit.


If you need to reschedule your booked appointment, training, or course once within 30 days or less. No new deposit is needed. If you reschedule again after your first reschedule you will have to pay your deposit again.


Refunds on deposits: If you cancel your appointment within 72 hours prior to your service, and do not intend to reschedule within 30 days of less, your deposit will be refunded. You will have to wait 45 days or more starting from your cancellation date before booking me service with me.


No deposit needed: payment plans used for services ( hair services, hair technique training, hair business training or courses). They will be paid prior to receiving these services. Deposits are ONLY for clients who do not need payment plan assistance. If you do not get approved for the assistance, unfortunately it cannot be used for your services and or products. Unapproved payment plan assistance for services will have to pay their deposit prior to service, and remaining balance once service is complete


Existing and new clients will have to sign consent or waiver forms for services. Services and or products are non refundable. Products received damaged will have to be address with shipping carrier companies.


You may receive an email, text, or call for me during operation hours if any of contact information is missing or needs updating. It is important to have the right contact information in our data base to keep you updated and for communication.


Again, thank you for your support and understanding.

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