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Software aesthetics will NOT make you money in your business, but the functionality of your business systems will! I currently use over 15 softwares to run my business, and I'm sure this list will continue to grow. The digital world has endless solution, just utilize what you need.

Listed Below are the softwares I use to create operational systems for my Hair Business. Also I've provided some resources you can use to get familiar and train yourself on how to use these softwares. If you have a team you can also help train them to use these softwares. The goal is to get as intentional as possible in your business. Systems keep you organized and also track the traffic and operations of your business. When picking softwares make sure to look at their features and integration capabilities. It is important to understand how a specific software can help or not help you customize your system(s) for your business. Do not limit yourself to what's listed below. This blog post should guide you in the direction of thinking about what softwares will work best for you, based on what you want to offer your traffic, customer, clients, and/or students.



Shopify: E-commerce platform (basic plan) and their Apps Integrations

  • Ziplify: Page Builder
  • Shopify Download: sell digital downloads (possibly found a better replacement, still researching)
  • Kiwi Sizing Chart: chart creator
  • Linkpop: create customizable and shoppable menu (will be switching from linktree)

Vagaro Pro: beauty professional booking software (can embed in shopify)

Canva Pro: Design Template Creator

Klaviyo: email/sms marketing (integrates with shopify) (can embed in shopify)

Thinkific: build/sell courses (integrates with shopify)

Godaddy: domain name (integrates with shopify)

Google: business email and analytics, and more (integrates with shopify)

Youtube (video social media platform) or Vimeo (can embed in shopify)

Facebook: social media (integrates with shopify) (can embed in shopify)

Instagram: social media (integrates with shopify) (can embed in shopify)

Doordash: food delivery service (or uber eats, catering company, etc.)

Spotify: music/podcast platform (can embed in shopify)

Anchor: create and host podcast

Truebill: Money Management

Vistaprint: Branding supplies

Linkpop: Customizable link menu



Disclaimer: I'm also affiliated with some of the companies listed above. Some will give you an opportunity to start a Trial before recurring payments begin. If you decide to purchase any of these softwares through my link(s), I will be compensated.
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