Tech is in Demand 2022

Hey Everyone!

I've been really thinking for some time now that I needed to start blogging about Technology again. What better way to start off by bringing you into My World of Fancy Tech Girl Mastery. I've always geeked over technology and how it has truly changed our way of being creative and also more innovative.

In 2012 I started blogging, which I then quickly learned about...

  • affilaite marketing
  • video marketing
  • website building and maintenance
  • SEO
  • organic & paid traffic
  • digital advertising & marketing
  • email marketing
  • sales funnel building
  • analytics & insights
  • and so much more.

To jumpstart this relationship, I'm going to get straight to the point. I'll be sharing information and resources that I find useful, informative, interesting, and that I am also currently using. Please do not only rely on me for your every insight for whats going on in the Tech Industry. 

It''s August 2022, and Tech is booming more than ever right now. Even has a hairstylist with Tech experience, I'm ready to get some Tech Certifications and don't mind sharing which ones. So far I'm interested in starting with Data Analytic Certifications. Metaverse is very popular and demanding, plus Google is also looking for more Data analyst. On I've researched the following certifications:

Google Data Analytics

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